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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Scott Antique Market - Girls Day Out!

Bring money.

Lotsa cash. Bring Credit Cards.  Bring your checkbook.  Wear comfy shoes.

This weekend is the Scott Antique Market.  Our southeastern Mecca for all things cool, antique, collectable, designer, vintage-you name it.  It is an 'antique-gasm' for the proven and a wonderful time for a full day of shopping-and I mean a FULL day.

Located on I-285 at the Jonesboro Road exit near the airport (yep look up in the sky and hope no one is using the restroom..) there are 2 buildings, a north and south building.  You can pay and park at either  one, there is a shuttle bus that takes you between both that runs all day.  Friday-Sunday from 9-5, shopping is best on Friday morning for selection and Sunday afternoon for deals - especially on furniture. 

This has been an institution here in Atlanta for over 25 years. The big designers get some really cool things here and many dealers shop it to stock their stores.  From French Antiques to rusted out old barn tools, there is something for everyone!  I shop for vintage jewelry and transferware so this place is just about the best to find that kind of thing.

They do have a food court in each building with home made fare-I enjoy the Greek cafe in the south building-it's wonderful but it gets really crowded at lunch and there is not much seating so I would suggest going earlier or later than noon!  Have fun and let me know what you find!